str-14 dex-16 con-16 int-10 wis-12 cha-14
lvl-3 hp-38 ac-14 bab+2
move-40(50)jump vertical-50 jump horizantal-25
stun attack 3/day 1d4 rnds con save
unarmed attacks 1d6 dam count as magic
2 vs overbearing/grappling
iron body-
2 vs poison,disease,paralasis, polymorph, petrification, death
deflect arrows 1/rnd cost attack dex check
special items-
ring of featherfall
magic handwraps
boots of striding and springing


He could have been a great monk wise and calm meditating on the world and his existance.
unfortunately Benzen likes his spirits and a good brawl far to much. Know after leaving his home
and traveling he is looking for his true path ,not sure where it will lead him.


Greyhawk : Arcanum Noir joshuadavenport