Greyhawk : Arcanum Noir

Wheel of Evil

Keep Brushing It Off!

The village of Remetton is noted far and wide for its wonderful cheeses. Their secret is in the damp caves where the cheese is aged. Recently, kobolds came up from the depths of these caves and began destroying the town’s cheese harvest.
MyconidThe Chagmat Slayers descend into the caves, and find the depths infested with bizzare molds and slimes, and fungified kobold zombies. Eventually allying with the displaced kobold survivors, the heroes fight their way through an eeriely altered underworld, until they eventually confront the source of the infestation. A mystic of some sort, tendrilled into the web of fungal growth, has become far too one-with-nature, and with the aid of a possessed cheese foreman, is planning to spread his spores across Greyhawk. Fortunately, the Chagmat Slayers defeat both the infected foreman and the immobile mystic intelligence behind the mold invasion. They save the Cheese Harvest, of which they will get a significant cut, and recover a strange tablet, etched with symbols evocative of the goddess Zuggtomy, Demon Goddess of Molds and Fungi.



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