Greyhawk : Arcanum Noir

The Mines of Blackstone

Stop Me If You've Heard This One...

The Chagmat Slayers are relaxing in the Burnished Ingot in the town of Blackstone in the Cairn Hills when they hear of a series of bold robberies occurring between Blackstone and the larger town of Diamond Lake. Guarded silver shipments are being ambushed on the road by organized bands of goblins. Sure enough, as the group departs Blackstone the next day, they encounter a pair of barely-surviving guards stumbling toward the town to report the latest robbery.
The group proceeds to the ambush site, and cannily follows the trail till they are above an abandoned mine in the eastern wall of the Blackstone canyon. Taking a steep switchback down to the opening, they discover a mechanically concealed entry into the mine. They begin exploring, encountering goblins, and rats, and zombies (oh my!), and recovering some loot, finding the silver shipments, and gathering some ominous clues. They finally encounter the were-rat in charge of the level and his guards, but they manage to defeat them. However, poor Skavenn is bitten by the lycanthrope.

Returning to Blackstone, they inform the local authorities that they have discovered the location of the missing silver, but the mayor and sheriff are horrified to hear that it was in the dreaded Haunted Mine. A bard named Waren explains the legend for one gold a verse, sung to a hauntingly familiar tune…

Juuuust sit right back and you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a silver mine
That happened in this very town
But long ago in time…
_ So long ago in time…_
The mine was discovered long ago
By a miner named Gannu
He dug deep in the canyon walls
And found the silver true…
_ He found the silver true…_
The town grew up around the mine
And Blackstone was it’s name
And people flocked from miles around
For money, wealth, and fame…
_ For money, wealth, and fame…_
Gannu led the miners deeper still
The silver flowed like wine
Till they unearthed an ancient cairn
From a darker, deeper time…
_ o long ago in time…_
The mine became a slaughterhouse
The miners torn and bled
A demon from the pits of hell
Filled up the mine with dead…
_ The mine was filled with dead…_
The miners fled in terror from
The Evil they unleashed
They called for help from far away
The Mages, Lords, and Priests…
_ The Mages, Lords and Priests…_
The Holy Ones and Mighty Ones
Arrived from far and wide
But when they could not slay The Beast,
They trapped in deep inside…
_ They sealed it deep inside…_
The townsfolk were a frightened mob
Gannu they chose to blame
They hung him from the village square
And cursed his family name…
_ Gannu’s accursed name…_
And now the mine sits sealed and cursed
So take this as a sign
Your lives will end
If you descend
The Cursed Silver Mine!

Despite these …ummm, ominous? warnings, the mayor manages to persuade three rather dim-witted local brothers to accompany the Chagmat Slayers and assist with the recovery of the missing silver shipments. Confidently but cautiously re-entering the mine the next day, they are promptly ambushed, after a well-placed exploding rune weakens them. The local boys flee as wave after wave of opponents throw themselves against the party. Although they are able to hold the line until there are no further reinforcements, the toll it took to make it barely past the entrance causes them to reconsider their priorities. With the locals run off, they decide they will come back to this one, and instead continue on to Diamond Lake. They leave the mystery of the mine for a later date, and continue on foot to their next destination.



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