Greyhawk : Arcanum Noir

Never Split The Party

Violating Rule Number One...

This occurred when half of the group was unable to make the session. Rather than skip the game, we split the party in two halves, with those in attendance getting the attention (and the experience!)

In the aftermath of their Intervention at the bath-house, the Chagmat Slayers decided it would be best to not have to explain themselves. They provided Slip with a message relaying their suspicions regarding the missing building inspector to the head of the Architects and Masons Guild, and prepared to leave Greyhawk. In order to avoid attention, they decided to exit the well-guarded gates separately, and meet up at the mining town of Blackstone. Kimel, Juno, and Skavenn left through the south gate (with Max in tow), and soon found themselves an unexpected and not-too-clearly-remembered carriage ride to Blackstone.
But our story picks up with the other half of the party. Benzen, Dargeth, and Maigre all left by one of the eastern gates, and walked to Blackstone. They spent the first night at a well-used camping area about a day out of Greyhawk, in the company of a wagon of Dwarves, who proceeded to regale the adventurers with a whirlwind description of the local history and geography.
The next morning they set out for Blackstone, but after several hours walking, they were attracted to an abandoned wagon and its accompanying naked dead body hidden off to the side of the trail. Claw-like footprints led them to a hidden cairn in the nearby hills, where they eliminated a flock of kenku and their Copper-Masked clerical leader. With his dying breath, the cleric warned them of the fate of those who opposed the “Lord of Secrets”. Much loot was found.
They continued on to Blackstone uneventfully, and rejoined the rest of the party, perpared to continue on to Diamond Lake and the mysterious Whispering Cairn…



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