Greyhawk : Arcanum Noir

Cairn of the Iron Naga

Some Things Are Tougher Than We Are!

While waiting in Remmeton for their shares of the Cheese Harvest to mature, the Chagmat Slayers assist a local farmer who is having goats disappear. After defeating the pair of offending ankhegs, they uncover an entrance to a cairn in the exposed burrow. After barely defeating a corridor of gargoyles, they enlist the aid of the farmer in further exposing the entrance. This activity attracts a wandering band of hobgoblins, who investigate the cairn and attack the heroes when they return the next day.
After the defeat of the hobgoblins, they descend to the second level, where they find a great hall with an enormous statue of a Naga, with golden scales and gems for eyes. Before they enter the room, they investigate a side passage where they almost fall victim to a classic descending ceiling trap, saved only by the desparate dexterity of the rogue. When they return to the hall and approach the giant statue, it animates, and a dozen linen-wrapped zombie guardians burst from their sarcophagi. While they have no problem with the zombies, it is Dargeth who realizes that the reason the Chagmat Slayers are dropping like flies is that the statue is an Iron Golem! In the midst of chaos, much heroic rescue activity and hasty retreat ensues. They limp from the cairn, and advise the farmer to hide the entrance until such time as they can return more capable of handling the challenges therein.



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