Greyhawk : Arcanum Noir

Bathtime in Greyhawk

Hi, I'm Max!

After collecting their well-earned reward for saving the Cheese Harvest in Remetton, the Chagmat Slayers return to the Free City of Greyhawk to spend their newfound wealth and make next plans. While they are debating between visiting the famous dungeons of Castle Greyhawk and following up on the map to the Whispering Cairn, they are approached by an attractive elven maiden with an excitable beagle on a leash. The dog, whose name is Max, was the companion of a neighbor of hers, a dwarf named Goroban Alesmyth, who has been missing for a week. She pleads for their help, as Max unsurprisingly takes an instant liking to Kimel.
They decide it would be useful if the dog could just tell them what happened to his master, so they take him to a small druid’s grove inside the city walls. A tall blond man they believe to be druid arrives, and they ask if he can talk to Max and ask where his master is. The blond man seems amused by this, and points out that even if he can talk to him, Max is still a dog. Unbeknownst to the Slayers, just before he leaves, as if to illustrate the point, he somehow gives Max the ability to speak Common. The first words out of his muzzle are “Hi, I’m Max! Got any food?”
They do some investigation, and discover that Goroban was an architect and building inspector. Following up on his last assignments through the Architect and Mason’s Guild, they visit the frat-boys of Gnarly House in the University district. When that proves a dead end, they turm thjeir attention to a bath-house being rennovated in the Old Town Beggars district.
When their direct approach into the bath house is rebuffed, they become suspicious, and return after dark to continue their investigations. The workmen and guards object to their prescence, but the Chagmat Slayers prove more than a match for the commoners, and soon dead bodies litter the construction sight. Behind the covering tarps they find a huge statue of a giant frog. Delving deeper into the bath-house, they finally arrive at the main bath, which is surprisingly filled with murky water. Two frog-headed humanoids burst from the water and attack them, but when the Slayers kill one and wound the other, it dives back into the pool.
Benzen attempts to follow the creature, but below the pool is a maze of twisty flooded passages, and he can only hold his breath so long. After probing the various tunnels, they decide that they cannot follow the creatures. Moreover, a sense of paranoia about the deaths of all the workmen grows on them, as they realize they have no proof that anything evil or illegal was happening here.
Deciding discretion to be the better part of valor, they opt to beat a hasty retreat out of town, and decide to go investigate that Whispering Cairn after all.



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